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Fire Investigation Forms and Resource Links


Hennepin County Fire Investigation Team Standard Operating Guidlines.pdf

Below you will find investigation forms that should give any agency the basic forms needed to conduct a fire investigation.  All forms are in Word format allowing any agency to just add their name and emblem.  We recommend that the consent form be made into a duplicate form so the the agency, as well as the customer may have a copy.

Investigation Forms:

Generic Consent Form 2009 Update.doc

Generic Firefighter Questionnaire 2009.doc

Generic Investigation Field Notes-Interviews 2009.doc

Generic Investigation Field Notes-Structure 2009.doc

Generic Photo Log.doc

Generic Hazardous Conditions Notice 2009.doc

Administrative Search Warrant.doc

Instructions-Administrative SW.doc

State Fire Marshal's Fire Cheat Sheet.pdf

Resource Links:

International Association of Arson Investigators

Minnesota Chapter of IAAI 

IAAI CFI Trainer
National Association of Arson Investigators 

Minnesota State Fire Marshal's Office

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