To provide direction to the Hennepin County Fire Chiefs, along with their key personnel, our mutual aid partners, and the various organizations which support our industry. We support our vision through education, information, services, and representation with the goal of enhancing our capabilities and professionalism.


The Hennepin County Fire Chiefs Association (HCFCA) was founded in 1961 in the spirit of cooperation with a vision of continuously improving the emergency response organizations operating within Hennepin County, Minnesota.

  Since Hennepin County Fire Chiefs Associations inception, the county wide population and the Minneapolis Metropolitan Area has grown dramatically. The population estimates for Hennepin County in the year 2005 stands at approximately 1,119,364 residents, which distinctly makes Hennepin County the most populated county in the State of Minnesota. The county is made up of forty five (45) cities, including both small suburban communities and some of Minnesota’s larger metropolitan area cities as well. A few of the larger cities within Hennepin County include: Minneapolis, Bloomington, Plymouth, and Eden Prairie.

  The HCFCA itself is comprised of numerous agencies including: fire departments, EMS providers, public safety agencies, educational institutions, and non-profit corporations. As of today, there are a total of forty two (42) agencies represented as active members. The HCFCA also includes thirty three (33) talented fire departments. All of the fire departments located geographically within Hennepin County are members of the association.

  The HCFCA has in place a “County Wide Mutual Aid Agreement” that supports the needs of all member cities and fire departments, both big and small. This mutual aid agreement allows and encourages the use of mutual aid assistance by all participating fire departments within the county. Within the mutual aid assistance agreement, HCFCA also provides special Fire Cause and Determination Investigation Services through its recently formed Fire Investigation Team.

  In summary, the HCFCA leadership and its members view the organization as a progressive county wide association that has both the leadership and vision to be in the forefront by providing the best possible public safety services for our residents and visitors. We as an association continue to strive for excellence and an opportunity to implement well thought out new ideas or concepts.